XFI™ NSR Modular 3V Camshafts

The COMP Cams® XFI™ NSR (No Springs Required) Cam Sets for Ford 4.6L/5.4L Modular 3 Valve Engines are the first truly “drop-in installation” camshafts ever created for this popular application – striking the perfect balance of performance versus installation difficulty. Offered for both naturally aspirated and supercharger-equipped engines, these cam sets require no additional computer re-tuning; however testing has shown that mild tuning can result in power gains even greater than the normal 25 rear wheel horsepower. These camshafts are fully compatible with the factory variable cam timing (VCT) system and are designed to operate in the stock rpm range. The stage one cam set is designed to maximize mid-range power and torque, while stage two maximizes top end horsepower.

Stage 1 - Great upgrade for stock engine. Solid power gains above 4700rpm, compatible with stock springs. Works with with tuners, no computer re-tuning required.
Stage 2 - Solid power gains above 4900 rpm, compatible with stock springs.Works with uners, no computer re-tuning required. Best with 3.73 gears & 2500 stall. Great idle.
Blower Grind, Stage 1 - Excellent mid-range cam for bolt-on blowers with stock boost levels. Great power gains above 4700rpm, compatible with stock springs. Best with stock gears.
Blower Grind, Stage 2 - Mid to upper range cam for bolt-on blowers running higher boost psi. Major power gains above 4900rpm, compatible with stock springs. Best with 3.73+ gears & 2500 stall. Great idle.