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Dave McClelland

TV Personality Dave McClelland Visits COMP Performance Group™ Headquarters

Host of Hot Rod TV takes a tour of camshaft building facilities and R & D Center

America’s best known and most beloved automotive host, Dave McClelland, recently stopped by the COMP Performance Group™ headquarters for a tour of the facility. COMP Performance Group™ Operations Manager Chris Brown led McClelland on a guided tour through the performance corridors of the Memphis, TN-based operation which houses COMP Cams®, FAST™, ZEX™, Powerhouse Products, DynoSim and others. The visit was the first for the well-known “Voice of Drag Racing” announcer who has been a devout performance enthusiast for many years, as well as an internationally known automotive event spokesman.

“This was my first visit to the COMP Performance Group™ offices,” said Dave McClelland who began announcing the NHRA U.S. Nationals in 1961. “I was impressed with the size of the facility, the R&D operation and the advanced on-site technology. This is a huge operation with a bright future ahead.”

McClelland’s tour included visits with the COMP Cams® on-line cam grinders, viewing of the Spintron and dyno cells in the research divisions and discussions with COMP Performance Group™ President Ron Coleman and VP Scooter Brothers.

“As an enthusiast and car builder myself, it was great to see the inner workings of the COMP Performance Group™,” concluded McClelland at the close of his tour. “I have an even greater appreciation for their efforts and the hard work of their employees.”

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