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The 2005 Hot Rod Drag Week presented by COMP Drag Week VideoCams

COMP Cams® Equipped Racers Dominate First Hot Rod Drag Week Competition

Five category winners use COMP Cams® components to complete 1500 miles, six states and five days of drag racing

Talk about kicking it off with a bang! The recent inaugural Hot Rod Drag Week, sponsored by COMP Cams®, featured plenty of fast cars and last minute drama. When it was all over, Carl Scott of Woodward, OK, was the overall winner, with his 1967 Chevrolet Nova running an average time of 8.58 seconds at 157.13 mph for all five drag strips and traversing 1500 miles over five days.

“The Hot Rod Drag Week was a concept derived by Hot Rod Magazine, following the very successful COMP Cams® sponsored Hot Rod Pump Gas Drags,” said COMP Cams® Marketing Manager Chris Douglas. “While the Pump Gas Drags requires participants to drive 28 miles on the street before making three timed drag strip runs, using only a limited amount of 93 octane fuel, the Hot Rod Drag Week is a grueling five day event, covering 1500 miles and five different drag strips.”

As noted, the overall winner of the event was Carl Scott, whose 1967 Nova suffered four burned pistons in Kentucky, due to a faulty fuel system component. Scott and a host of goo d friends spent the night in the Beech Bend Raceway Park pits rebuilding the entire engine. Forsaking sleep, the red Nova team arrived the next day at National Trail Raceway in Columbus, OH, where Scott laid down an 8.60 second run at 157.25 mph to prove that he was the guy to beat. Running COMP Cams® roller rockers, valve springs, retainers, locks and pushrods, Scott consistently ran 8.60 seconds or better to collect the class win and overall championship.

Other class winners included Jay Brown’s 1969 Ford Mustang Mach 1 (COMP Cams® roller camshaft and lifters), earning the Big Block Naturally Aspirated category, and Eric Niefert’s 383 cid-powered ’68 Camaro (COMP Cams® roller XR286R camshaft and valve train components), which won the Small Block Naturally Aspirated award. While Carl Scott earned the Big Block Power Adder award as well as top honors, winner of the Small Block Power Adder category was Jim Neuenfeldt’s amazing, all-wheel drive, street-tired 2003 Chevy Silverado (COMP Cams® camshaft, lifters, pushrods, valve springs and retainers).

In the closest Drag Week competition, Brian Corrigan’s ’83 Mercury Capri (COMP Cams® lifters) and Tom Fauglid’s ’86 Chevy Monte Carlo (COMP Cams ® Pro Magnum Rockers and ZEX™ Nitrous Oxide Perimeter Plate) battled for supremacy in the Daily Driver Class. After five days of racing, both drivers’ times averaged exactly 12.005 seconds, requiring the use of a tie breaker. As designated by Hot Rod Magazine Editorial Director David Freiburger, in the event of a tie, the highest average mph would be the winner, giving the championship to Corrigan’s subtle, manually shifted Capri.

“We were very pleased to be the event sponsor for the first ever Hot Rod Drag Week competition,” concluded Douglas. “Events such as this allow us to witness first hand the needs of our customers, as well as showcase the real-world performance of our products.”

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