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1969 Mustang Special Project

Project Goal
Build a car for the 2002 Hot Rod Power Tour™.

How did we find the car?
We looked at several resources including newpapers, auto sales magazines, and the internet. This project would be a complete teardown and rebuild with aftermarket parts which means that the main concern was coming up with a straight body and a sound unibody having no prior wreck damage. Finding a convertible 1969 Mustang with these qualifications is harder than it sounds.

We suspect that there are thousands of Mustangs in this condition across the US but people do not advertise them at this stage because they are planning on fixing them up themselves. Most cars being advertised are in running condition and therefore beyond the point we were looking for.

We found and purchased one in Florida but unfortunately it soon became clear that this car was too far gone. We found another in Washington DC, this is the car that you see in these pictures. We needed both to make the one. The car from DC is the one we used for the body.

When did we get them and how much did they cost?
Each one cost $3000 each with parts, they were purchased in 1999 and 2000.

Click For 1969 Mustang Video From ESPN...

Driver Front


Passenger Front

Passenger Side

Passenger Rear


Driver Rear

Driver Side

Engine Compartment

Engine Compartment


Finished Project


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