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CamQuest 6 : The Best Cam Selection Software In The Industry -
Now Available As A Free Download From COMP Cams®!

It’s finally here: a camshaft selection program that allows you to find the perfect camshaft for your engine. COMP Cams® new CamQuest™ 6 PC-based* cam selection software allows the user to find the right camshaft by answering a few application-specific questions from the program’s simple drop-down menu screen.

The program suggests the top matching camshaft for the application, a complete camshaft specification card, and even your engine’s projected horsepower and torque with the new camshaft. CamQuest™ also lists the COMP Cams® valve train components that will match the recommended camshaft -information that helps you achieve maximum power and durability with your engine.

Not only is the CamQuest™ software program a great tool for locating the right camshaft, but it also offers a great way to shop for horsepower by virtual dyno testing your engine with the camshaft in place.

*Works with Microsoft Windows® 98/ME/XP/Vista/Windows 7

Not sure if you need a hydraulic roller camshaft, or if a flat tappet will do? The CamQuest™ software allows you to compare valve train set-ups to pinpoint which is the optimum choice for your vehicle and application.


Compatible with carbureted, EFI, super or turbocharged, and even nitrous equipped serious racing or street-driven engines, the CamQuest™ software delivers many of the features that have made our ProRacing Sim™ products so popular.

CamQuest™ 6 Cam Selection Software

  • Easy to use interface supports all popular
    engine modifications
  • Cam recommendations include COMP Cams®
    part numbers and complete grind specifications
  • Horsepower estimate makes it easy to choose
    the best cam for your needs

CamQuest™ 6 Version Price Shipping   Downloadable Tutorials
**Download -Full Version (20Mb) Free Free    
Promo Pack CD w/T-shirt $15.00 *Free   Tutorial Video -Dial Up Connection(8Mb)
CamQuest™ 6 CD only $12.00 Regular   Tutorial Video -Broadband Connection (20Mb)
**Approximate download time is 1-2 minutes.
*Free shipping applies to CamQuest™ 6 promo pack only. Orders that include additional items will be assessed regular shipping charges for those items.

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