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Specialty Lubricants
COMP Cams® Lubricants

Specialty Lubricants

  • Three different formulas to provide maximum protection of all internal engine components
  • Protected valve train components include: camshaft, lifters, valve springs, rocker arms, pushrods and distributor gear
  • Contain high viscosity, extreme pressure additives not found in conventional lubricants
  • Compatible with all petroleum, synthetic and blended engine oils

COMP Cams® has taken great pains to develop what we feel to be the best line of lubricants on the market to protect your valve train and engine. These oils and lubricants will protect your internal engine components before start-up, during break-in and throughout the life cycle of your engine so you can maximize the potential of your investment.

Part # Description Size
Specialty Lubricants
106   Valve Train Assembly Spray 6 oz. Aerosol Can
103   Cam & Lifter Installation Lube 5/8 fl. oz.
152   Cam & Lifter Installation Lube 4 oz. Bottle
153   Cam & Lifter Installation Lube 8 oz. Bottle
198   Cam & Lifter Installation Lube 6-Pack (6) 4 oz. Bottles
102   Engine Assembly Lube 4 oz. Jar
104   Engine Assembly Lube 8 oz. Jar
127   Engine Assembly Lube 16 oz. Tube

Note: MSDS available on request

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