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COMP Cams Technology Explained Video: 4-Pattern Camshafts
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COMP Cams Technology Explained Video: Common Valve Train Terminology
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COMP Cams Technology Explained Video: Cam Timing
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COMP Cams Technology Explained Video: VVT & Cam Phaser Technology
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COMP Cams Quick Tech Video: Selecting The Correct Fuel Pump Pushrod
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What cam and parts do I need.
Thu 9th, 12:51 PM

Wed 8th, 12:06 PM

xfi 2.0 e85 with aux shaft
Mon 30th, 2:26 AM

Lash Questions
Fri 27th, 7:51 PM

XFI solidroller cams for SBF?
Thu 19th, 10:11 AM

XR288HR and 26918 Springs
Thu 5th, 3:37 PM

EFI cam for street performance? 11.2:1 CR SBC 400
Fri 25th, 1:50 PM

Hydraulic Roller Cam recommendation
Mon 21st, 11:28 AM

Cam card Valve timing events confusion
Tue 25th, 10:59 PM

Composite gear
Tue 20th, 11:00 AM


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