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COMP Cams® 4&7 Swap Solid Lifter Camshafts for Small and Big Block Chevrolets
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Smart engine builders understand the benefits of a 4&7 firing order swap camshaft, which exchanges the 4 and 7 camshaft lobe timing in small and big block Chevrolet engines. While some builders have realized significant horsepower gains, all of them experience the exceptionally smooth torque curve possible with this new firing order technology. Dyno, Spintron and track-tested, the 4&7 Solid Lifter Camshafts do not require any engine block, ignition or valve train modifications and can be custom ground to the engine builder’s exact specifications. Regardless of the cam specs you require, these camshafts are engineered to achieve the maximum power possible using advanced lobe designs. For more information about COMP Cams® 4&7 firing order swap cams or any other COMP Cams® products contact your local dealer or visit us online at Product: COMP Cams® 4&7 Firing Order Swap Solid Lifter Chev. Cams (Small Block & Big Block) Part Numbers: 12-660-47 SBC XE274H-10, 12-661-47 SBC XE284H-10, 12-662-47 SBC XE294H-10, 12-663-47 SBC XE274S-10, 12-664-47 SBC XE282S-10, 12-665-47 SBC XE290S-10, 11-650-47 BBC XE274H-10, 11-651-47 BBC XE284H-10, 11-652-47 BBC XE294H-10, 11-653-47 BBC XE274S-10, 11-654-47 BBC XE282S-10, 11-655-47 BBC XE290S-10; Custom Grinds

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