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COMP Cams® Reveals New XFI™ Camshafts For Ford 5.0 Liter Stroker Engines
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Two new stroker optimized camshafts are the result of enthusiast demand COMP Cams® has built a reputation for hearing the requests of its customers and delivering high performance valve train products that exceed those expectations. COMP Cams® is proud to announce they have done it again with their new XFI™ camshafts for Ford 5.0 liter stroker EFI engines. The new camshafts have been specifically designed and optimized for those enthusiasts that demand maximum performance from this unique fuel injected combination. The performance increases generated by the new Ford XFI™ Stroker Camshafts are the result of extensive engineering research, backed by dyno and real world testing. The engineering involved in the creation of camshaft profiles for 4-inch bore, 3-inch stroke (found in standard 5.0 liter engines) is well documented. However, to produce an optimized stroker camshaft requires more R&D than simply increasing lobe profile duration to take advantage of the increased displacement. According to COMP Cams® Lead Cam Designer, Billy Godbold, the piston velocity in an enlarged stroke engine is greatly increased, resulting in an intake charge “event”, which continues even further past the point (normal camshaft profiles close the intake after BDC – but in this case, the intake closes even further than normal) of Bottom Dead Center (BDC). To make more power from stroker engines, the camshaft timing of the exhaust valve opening is moved earlier to reduce the pumping losses, which are much more dramatic with these longer stroke applications. For more information about COMP Cams® XFI™ Stroker Camshafts or other COMP Cams® products, call (800) 999-0853 or visit us online at

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