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GM Duramax® Camshafts Now Available From COMP Cams®
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COMP Cams® offers new Tri-Power Xtreme™ grinds designed to optimize horsepower, torque or fuel mileage for popular Duramax® turbo diesel engines COMP Cams® attacks the diesel market with three new Tri-Power Xtreme™ camshafts for GM’s 6.6-liter Duramax® turbo diesel engine. As part of COMP’s new Tri-Power Xtreme™ series, each of these three new grinds is specifically designed to optimize either torque, horsepower or fuel mileage (never sacrificing performance, regardless of the camshaft selected). These special Duramax® camshafts are ideal for trucks with computer, exhaust and turbo upgrades, and work especially well with the newly released FAST-FLASH™ Power Programmers. All three of the COMP Cams® high performance camshafts are built from high quality steel cores for extreme durability. While developed to be used with the factory roller valve train components, these camshafts do require a valve spring upgrade (such as COMP Cams® soon-tobe-released high performance Duramax® valve springs). For diesel enthusiasts looking for the ultimate in diesel race performance, the COMP Cams® engineering team will also custom design a camshaft for your application. For more information about the new COMP Cams® Tri-Power Xtreme™ Camshafts for GM Duramax® diesel applications or any other COMP Cams® products, visit us online at or call (800) 999-0853.

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