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Launcher Series Lift Rule Lobe Profiles
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Specifically designed for Lift Rule Applications where lobe lift is restricted • Unique new design launches the lifter off of the lobe for increased valve lift • Maintains the restricted lobe lifts demanded by set rules • Advanced technology allows us to con-trol the rate of lift, launch height and dynamic convergence on the closing ramp to achieve increased area for ore power • Can be run with mechanical lifters or Pro Magnum style hydraulic tappets • Very aggressive off the seat to allow tighter lash and more net lift • Specifically designed to optimize dynamic valve motion and produce maximum power • Lobes use the experience gained from racing our Max Area profile and the new techniques developed from our Spintron testing to provide the best performance in lift rule applications • The Launcher Series Camshafts should be used with the complete blueprinted camshaft kit including Lifters, Pushrods, Rockers, Springs and Components for optimized performance. The Launcher Cams dynamic performance has been opti-mized using COMP Cam’s State-of-the-Art valve motion testing laboratory. Our Spintron test proved an 8% to 10% increase in valve open area above 0.300" valve lift. Using a production a small block Chevrolet with Bow-Tie heads and the following valve train components: Cam: COMP#12-680-5 (Launcher Camshaft) Lifter: COMP# 800-16 (.842" Mech w/ Hole) Pushrod: COMP# 7913-16 (Hi-Tech 3/8 – .080") Rocker: COMP# 1105-16 (Hi-Tech Stainless) Spring: COMP# 929-16 (Oval Track Dual) Retainer: COMP# 732-16 (10 Degree Titanium) Lock: COMP# 613-16 (10 Degree Super) Valve: Stainless Intake (+0.100, 116 g) See pdf for application chart and graphic comparison REFERENCE 12-680-5, 12-681-5, 12-682-5, 12-683-5, 12-684-5, 12-686-5 269L283, 273L283, 270L312, 274L312, 270L322, 274L322

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