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COMP offers Crane CAM HELP®
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The Right Combination Means More Horsepower For You Ask any professional engine builder; cam selection and the correct related part are the single most important decision in determining your engine’s performance. Why take chances? COMP Cams® has years of knowledge and our CAM HELP® line is staffed with experts who have the experience and training to help you get the most out of your combination. Recently Crane Cams® ran an advertisement claiming to make more power with their cam than a COMP Cams® Camshaft. This makes good ad copy, but let’s give them a lesson in cam selection and choosing the right combination. If they had called the CAM HELP® line, our technicians would have told them that they chose the wrong COMP Cams® Camshaft for their application and that if they intended to run their engines at 3,000 to 6,000 RPM’s, that they should have considered a few other parts to maximize engine performance, such as a manifold change, header change, etc. We took the CAM HELP® recommendations and went to the dyno. The right COMP Cams® Camshaft and the right combination of parts yielded a whopping 102 H.P. more. Get it right the first time by using CAM HELP®

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