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GM ECOTEC Camshafts
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COMP Cams® announces the release of a new line of performance camshafts for 2.0-liter, 2.2-liter GM ECOTEC powered applications. The COMP Cams® ECOTEC camshafts provideincreased horsepower and all around performance for this increasingly popular sport compact application, without compromising engine durability. Using Spintron® developed ECOTEC lobe profiles, the COMP Cams® engineering team optimized intake and exhaust flow to deliver dramatic performance improvements. This was accomplished by opening the intake valves faster with aggressive “fast ramp” lobe designs. The results are improved throttle response and “seat of the pants” performance. The new COMP camshafts also utilize quicker valve closings, giving the 2.0-liter, 2.2-liter ECOTEC engine a much broader power band. COMP Cams® ECOTEC camshafts are available in five different configurations (3 street & strip, 1 blower, 1 turbo grind), as well as custom all-out drag racing grinds on billet steel cores.COMP Cams®’ ECOTEC camshafts are the perfect complement to common bolt-on performance components and do not require a major engine rebuild to install. For more information on the COMP Cams® GM ECOTEC Camshafts contact your local COMP Cams® dealer or visit us online at

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