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COMP Cams® LS1 Rocker Arm Trunion Upgrade
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Valve train technology leader introduces new premium trunion upgrade for GM LS1 rocker arms to optimize both performance & durability There’s no denying that the GM LS1 engine platform has proven itself as a performer. The valve train is no different, with an improved design that makes for a perfect combination of power and durability to complement the impressive cathedral port cylinder head design. The rocker arm design features a lightweight, yet stiff rocker body that is strong enough for most applications. However, when it comes to high performance racing applications, high rpm and high valve spring pressures can put the factory rocker arm’s trunion under intolerable stress. Enter COMP Cams® with a new LS1 rocker arm retro-fit trunion kit that replaces the cageless, loose OEM needle bearings and powdered metal trunion with a premium 8620 steel alloy trunion and caged roller bearings for added durability. The new design from COMP Cams® utilizes caged roller bearings that greatly reduce the possibility of the bearing failure experienced with stock LS1 needle bearings, which can send loose needles throughout the engine upon failure. Perfect for drag and circle track racing applications that mandate the use of stock engine components, this performance rocker arm modification is a “must have” upgrade for your LS1 factory rocker arms. As proof of success, for the last two years this rocker arm trunion upgrade has been tested and performance-proven in the NASCAR GM LS spec engine series. Founded in 1976, COMP Cams® manufactures camshafts and supporting valve train components for everything from factory replacement to full race applications, designed and manufactured using cutting-edge technology. For more information about the COMP Cams® LS1 Rocker Arm Trunion Upgrade or any other COMP Cams® product or service, call 1-800-999-0853 or visit us online at

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