Articles That Use Comp Cams® Products
Articles That Use Comp Cams® Products
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Our product line is continually being put to the test by the major automotive performance publications and it proves itself time after time. On this page you'll find many articles by respected publications dealing with various high performance buildups and dyno tests. While most of these articles are using the same components that are easily available to you in your nearest speed shop or favorite online resource, some are also using custom grind camshafts specific to their application. We grind custom camshafts every day and if you've got a situation that requires custom numbers, you can be confident that Comp can get them for you.
Professional racers and serious performance enthusiasts ask for Comp by name because they know that the highest quality materials, tightest quality control, superior engineeering, track proven success, and personal care go into all our products.


General Info Lifters: 812
Lifters: 858
Car Craft 09/02 Hydraulic Lifter Test
General Info Camshafts Car Craft 01/01 How To Pick A Cam
Buick Cam: XE274 Car Craft 10/01 Buick 455: We Have a Contender!
Chevrolet Camshaft
Hot Rod 11/02 Chevy's ZL1 Crate Engine
Chevrolet Three piece timing cover Car Craft 9/02 Cam Swaps Made Easy
Chevrolet Cam: XE274
Rockers: 1.6
Car Craft 9/02 440 hp Budget Built Vortec Small Block
Chevrolet Cam: XE282HR
Springs: 977-16
Springs: 986-16
Chevy High Performance 09/02 Big Valve Springs & TFS Alumininum Heads Make 490 hp


Hot Rod 09/02 560 hp By Mail
Chevrolet Cam: XE284H
Rockers: Pro Magnum
Hot Rod 10/01 Power Per Dollar: Our Most Brutal Junkyard Jewel Ever
Chevrolet Cam: XE274 Car Craft 09/01 Rat Attack: 542 hp Big Block Chevy
Chevrolet Cam: S4-414-11
Lifters: Roller
Corvetter Fever 07/01 Polishing Perfection
Chevrolet Cam: K-12-268-4 Chevy High Performance 06/01 A Tale Of Torque
Chevrolet Cam: XE268H Chevy High Performance 04/01 Miserly Mouse, 390 hp on 87 Octane Pump Gas From A Budget 355
Chevrolet Cam: XE268H Chevy High Performance 02/01 The Vortec Head Chronicles
Chevrolet Cam: XE268H Chevy High Performance 02/01 411 hp on 87 Octane
Chevrolet Cam: XE268H
Roller Rockers
Car Craft 01/01 Roller Rocker Ratio Test
Chevrolet Cam XE268H Chevy High Performance 01/01 Turn Up The Volume
Chrysler Cam: Custom Grind
Rockers: Pro Magnum™
Pushrods: Hi-Tech™
Springs: #929 assemblies
Mopar Muscle 10/01 Home Run!
Chrysler Cam: XE262 Mopar Muscle 07/01 Taking The Fifth
Chrysler Cam XE262H Mopar Muscle 05/01 Making Serious Power With A Low Compression 360
Chrysler Cam: XE274H Mopar Muscle 04/01 440 Resto To Rad Part II
Chrysler Cam: XE268 Mopar Muscle 02/01 340 Dyno Derby From Stock To Sensational
Ford COMP '69 Mustang Hot Rod 11/02 The Company Car
Ford Cam: XR292R Super Rod 07/02 700 hp Crate Update
Ford Cam: Nostalgia Mustang Monthly 08/02 Guide To The 289 Hi-Po
Ford Cam: XE258
Cam: XE282
Hot Rod 11/01 Pick and Tune the Best Cam & Intake Combos
Ford Cam: XE274H Car Craft 05/01 529 hp 460 Ford
Plymouth Cam: XE274 Mopar Muscle Powerin' Up In Pennsylvania
Pontiac Cam: XE274 Car Craft 01/01 501 hp 455 Pontiac
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