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Clearly, there are many important traits to consider when looking for the perfect flat tappet camshaft, but none more important than durability. Addressing this concern, COMP Cams® pioneered the use of pulsed plasma nitriding to solve today’s flat tappet camshaft durability concerns—a process that we have name Pro Plasma™ Nitriding. Performed completely in-house, this process uses the most advanced equipment available in the industry and is proven to provide a 100% increase in camshaft surface hardness and lubricity.

What is Pro Plasma™ Nitriding?
Pro Plasma™ Nitriding is a patented, 36 hour process that uses pulsed nitrogen plasma in a vacuum controlled environment to imbed chains of nitrogen ions into the camshaft surface approximately .008” - .010” deep. Extensive Pro Plasma™ testing by engineers at COMP Cams® has confirmed a 100 % increase in strength and lubricity of the camshaft’s lobe surface for improved durability. This fortified new outer layer is not a coating or polish. Rather, it is more like a surface “shell” that doesn’t compromise the internal structure of the cam.

Why do I need this process?
Durability. The interface between flat tappet camshaft lobes and lifter faces is one of the highest for application pressures. The frictional loads between a camshaft and its followers demand special attention to wear surfaces. Additionally, tightening EPA restrictions on modern motor oils has led to a decrease of key oil additives, which are essential for proper lifter rotation in flat tappet valve trains. Without them the probability of premature lobe wear, lifter seizure or even complete failure greatly increases. These and related reasons are why COMP Cams® pursued state-of-the art techniques that address the camshaft break-in period and are directed to long use-life of the parts.

Pro Plasma™ Nitriding Benefits
Increases surface lubricity through reduced friction
Available as an added service for ALL COMP Cams® flat tappet camshafts
Reduces the chance of premature lobe wear during initial break-in
Strengthens the contact area between the camshaft lobe & lifter

How to Order
The addition of nitriding may require a cam core upgrade, therefore you will need to speak with a CAM HELP® technician at 1.800.999.0853 to order.