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Customer Testimonials

His delightfully disjointed television interviews might suggest that he has a scattershot approach to his Castrol/AAA Ford Funny Car operation. That simply isn't true. He knows exactly what he wants - and one constant he wants to preserve is a relationship with COMP Cams.

"I know they've been around for a million years, and I know they're going to be here with my kids," Force said, referring to son-in-law Robert Hight, as well as daughters Ashley, Brittany, and Courtney.

OK, so he exaggerates a little. But he's not stretching the truth when it comes to his satisfaction with the 30-year-old Memphis-based company that prides itself on real-life reliability.

They've been around a long time,” Force said. “They do all the trade shows. I run into them at a lot of the cars shows I do. So I know they're going to grow. And that's what's important."

Besides, Force said, "There was competition out there that we were racing against that was doing very well with the product. We knew that the product was going to be fine, and we knew they could deliver."

Cost-effectiveness, he said, also is an ingredient. He asks of a potential parts supplier, "Will they allow my employees - my brain trust - to work with them to get new technology?" COMP Cams passed his test. "They were open: 'Let's talk about cams.' I couldn't tell you what a cam mold was. But they could. And they would work with us, just like Ford does."

He said he started winning consistently when he hooked up with Ford "because I got the technology. So COMP Cams has to offer that. If vendors keep telling us what they want and they don't want our input, then we're wasting time. I don't want a product, no matter how much they pay, unless I like the product. And I've turned down a lot of deals because I don't want to push that product because I don't believe in it.”

I just wanted to write this letter and thank you for all your help you have given us regarding the installation of your new XFI 3V cams and cam phaser limiters. The installation of these things was awesome. We were able to get the motor together without a hitch because of the information you guys helped to provide. On top of that, when we dynoed the car we were all in awe of how much power was gained from the addition of these as well! Over 50 peak HP difference and 72 HP at redline! My car at the track also performed like an animal, netting me nearly 4 tenths ET gain! My current best ET has been 11.15 @ 120 MPH! This is the world record for a S197 (2005-2008) Mustang in Naturally Aspirated trim.

In my everyday encounters with S197 Mustang owners on the internet, via email, over the phone, or at the race track I am constantly asked about how I like these cams. My response is always that “I love these cams!” and that is because they really do work, even more than what was advertised or expected. The best part about the cams besides the power and ET gains is the killer sound. I get stopped everywhere, by everyone, to ask “what’s in that car!?” I display your COMP Cams stickers on the quarter windows of the car and always point to them and say COMP Cams, best power gain the car has seen.

I really appreciate you guys using my car on your webpage and in your advertisements for the new cams. If there is anything I can do for COMP, please let me know. At the 10 remaining racing events I attend this year my COMP Cams banner will be hung on my tent and if you send me stickers and brochures I’ll pass them out to everyone who asks about them! I already pass on the word as much as I can, speaking with anyone who asks.

Thanks again for everything!
Jim D’Amore III
JDM Engineering Inc

We were lucky enough to make it to the final round at this year’s NHRA CARQUEST Auto Parts Winternationals in Pomona CA. The unfortunate part was that we did not win the event. By two thousandths of a second, the win went to a good friend and fellow racer.

There was a fortunate part though, and that was that we were able to earn a contingency award from your company. We would like to take this opportunity to say “Thank You” for that award and your great products.

With ever-increasing cost associated with the sport of drag racing, we truly appreciate your participation in the contingency program for the Lucas Oil Drag Racing Series. We know you have many options as to where to invest your sponsorship dollars and we are grateful that you have chosen to include the sportsman racers.

Rick and Patti Beckstrom
#731 Super Comp/Super Gas

When 5-time champion & NHRA hall-of-famer Eddie Hill was building and tuning his Top Fuel engines that set National Speed and Elapsed time records on both land and water, he selected the best engine components available. That's why he called COMP Cams for the camshafts for his latest ride, a Chevy Ecotec LSJ-engined Ariel Atom.

I have to say how utterly happy I am with the Thumpr cam I put in my Cobra over the weekend. The idle is absolutely incredible, as I expected. What I didn't expect was the dramatic improvement in performance I now have over the Ford Racing cam that I was using. I'm now getting wheelspin in third gear! The exhaust note is much sharper and more crackly. There's a misconception out there that the Thumpr line is all about a rough idle, but that's a myth I will be disproving to lots of Corvette and Viper owners out there ! Kudos to all of you!

A lot of small block Ford guys don't know the Thumpr cams will work just fine in their non Windsor engines.**

With Sincere Appreciation
David Hall

Picked up one of your catalogs last summer, at the Mopar Nationals, I believe. VERY GOOD catalog with a lot of useful information. Then recently downloaded CamQuest6. This is a GREAT piece of software! I am restoring 2 1967 Coronets & next year will build a 383 & 440. This software has allowed me to see what I can do with available parts I have in stock and what additions will help me to achieve my goals. I will be sure to check back when it comes time for cam/valve train components. BTW, your web site works great too. I have slow dial-up so it is easy to navigate and responds quickly. You have a fantastic marketing package, keep it up!

Thanks again,
Jim Hamm


Finally got my LT1 in the car (94 chevy caprice) your cam part #07-501-8, serial #UQ7608-06 works great, I also installed your roller tip rockers and beehive springs. The throttle response is wonderful. Just the right amount of wromp for the old man's car (I am 61 and loving retirement).

Thanks for the good products,
Harrison l. Root

I would like to thank COMP Cams for their technical contribution to our engine program and participation in the winning of the 2008 Flashco SRL Southwest Tour Championship. Jim Pettit, driver of the Top of The Hill Performance Ford Fusion experienced an amazing championship season with an average finish of 1.57. Pettit has 7 wins in his last 11 SRL Southwest Tour races entered.

A special thank you to Tim Cole and Billy Godbold for their technical assistance and expedient delivery times. I would also like to recognize that COMP Cams component technology has elevated our engine program to this championship caliber for the third time in this ultra competitive touring series.

This accomplishment speaks highly of COMP Cams dedication to the leading edge camshaft design, quality and service. With your support, I hope to continue this success into the 2009 racing season and beyond.

Thank You!!

Ted Yamashiro
Engine Program Director
Top of the Hill Performance Center

What others have to say can be very important and that is especially true when it comes to what they say about products they use. In the case of building race engines, word gets around fast about good (or not good) products. So it stands to reason that when a product is good - others will say so. And of course and when they are not so good others will say that too.

COMP Cams® has been delivering superior products and service for over 30 years. And much of its success comes from the good things that others have to say about their products and service. From every corner of the industry, whether it’s a weekend warrior or a professional engine builder, throughout its history, COMP Cams® has been the beneficiary of what others say.

There are legions of loyal COMP Cams® product users and one such loyal user is Jay Dickens of Dickens Race Engines in Aberdeen Mississippi. Dickens is well known and a highly respected race engine builder. He has been building engines for over 15 years and nobody does it any better.

Dickens attributes his success to many things like experience, state of the art equipment, great employees and especially products he uses in his engines. We spoke with him to see what he had to say about his business and about COMP Cams®.

Take a look at this video to see and hear what Dickens' “not so secret” - secret of success is.

For more information about COMP Cams® products and service, go to

I purchased the COMP Cams "Mutha Thumpr" cams with phaser limiters for my 74,000 thousand mile Mustang GT and had them installed and dyno tuned at Dyno Speed Racing in Memphis, TN. Joe Beedle tuned my car to 408 hp and 390 trq, the car is equiped with following: JLT cold air, SCT tuner, Meziere electric water pump, Steeda charge motion delete plates, JBA long tube ceramics, UPR off road x- pipe, flowmasters, Steeda tri-axe shifter, eibach sportline springs, Steeda caster camber plates, 18x10 bullits wrapped with NITTO 285X40's on all four corners. My son and I made the 350 mile return trip home to Rogers, AR and enjoyed 26 mpg in doing so. The car is extremely strong now and has made this 56 year old man very happy!! Thank you, COMP Cams.

John Henry
Rogers, AR

In the world of race engine building, there are only a handful of names recognized as the best in the industry. One such name is Jack Cornett - and engine building is literally in his blood. That’s because as a boy, he began working on race engines at Cornett Racing Engines, the business that his father founded in 1947 in Somerset Kentucky.

Throughout his Junior High and High School years, Cornett worked after school and on weekends alongside his Father “Red”, learning the business and becoming a first-rate engine builder. After High School, Cornett attended Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond Kentucky taking a degree in Business Management. In 1977, he returned to Somerset and in the following years, he earned a reputation as one of the best race engine builders in the country.

Today, an engine from Cornett Racing Engines is considered to be among the best possible power plants in oval track competition. Cornett credits his experience, his staff and the products he uses as the reasons for his company’s reputation.

“Our specialty is oval track engines, especially for dirt late model racing” says Cornett. “We build both Chevrolet and Ford engines which race in every type of oval track competition. “

“Our engines have won every major race multiple times and we have won every major championship multiple times. We build great engines because we have extensive experience in engine building. But any engine is only as good and reliable as the parts it’s built with.”

“We have a great relationship with the best manufacturers in the business, and COMP Cams® in Memphis Tennessee is one of those companies.

"I’ve been doing business with them for over 30 years. We have had excellent, excellent success with their products. We have experienced excellent service, excellent reliability, and excellent power from their products. I can only say good things about them and we look forward to a long-lasting relationship.”

“We use COMP Cams® and anyone looking for the best engine products and services should use them too - because they are as good as it gets.”

Cornett Racing Engines
1647 S. Highway 27
Somerset, KY 42501
(606) 678-2226

Check Out The Video Below To Hear What Jack Cornett Had To Say:

Thank you for donating the gift certificate from COMP Cams for this years Halloween Classic at Firebird Raceway. I was lucky enough to win both the Super Pro and Classic Grand Championship titles this year. And to make that win even better was that gift certificate. Things like that mean a lot to racers like my parents and I that are on a low budget.

My dad should be putting in an order pretty soon. Not sure what he is going to be buying yet, but it will be parts for the new motor we are trying to put together for my mom’s car. So thanks again for your support at Firebird and I hope that you will be able to continue to support the track and racers in the future.

Jason Thomas
6604 S/P
2001 Dan Soran Hard Tail Dragster

This COMP Cams cam was installed April 1996 in my 340 Stroker Motor, and after 14 years and 1,043 runs this cam is still running strong and still makes the fastest time of any cam I have tried.

I've run COMP Cams #926 springs on this cam from day one. I change springs after about 400 runs (which is roughly every 4 years). When I freshen up the motor every 2-3 years, I always re-lube the cam just like it was a new cam, then I run it for 5 minutes at 2500 RPM. This cam even survived a broken crank and motor in 2003.

Jim Devine Yakima, WA

This COMP Cams cam was installed April 1996 in my 340 Stroker Motor, and after 14 years and 1,043 runs this cam is still running strong and still makes the fastest time of any cam I have tried.

I've run COMP Cams #926 springs on this cam from day one. I change springs after about 400 runs (which is roughly every 4 years). When I freshen up the motor every 2-3 years, I always re-lube the cam just like it was a new cam, then I run it for 5 minutes at 2500 RPM. This cam even survived a broken crank and motor in 2003.

Jim Devine Yakima, WA

These are some of the accomplishments I have had over the past 2 seasons. I appreciate the help COMP Cams has given me. Without your products I wouldn't be able to win any of these. I sent you some pictures of my new car that I will be competing in this year. I am always looking for sponsorship to help out on the racing costs. If you would be interested let me know. Thanks a lot for the gift certificates the past few years for winning the national championship.If you have any questions give me a call. 17122498791

Shannon Anderson

IMCA Hobby Stock National Champion 2008 and 2009, IMCA Supernationals winner in 2009, Single season record for IMCA weekly wins. 2009- 47 wins, national champion and northern region championship, Iowa state points champion, 4 track titles at Iowa state fairgrounds, Stuart speedway, Shelby county speedway, and the buena vista raceway, IMCA Super nationals winner and a main qualifier winner, Ron little memorial winner, Tiny Lund memorial winner, 1st annual fever heat winner, mccool 100 winner, usmts winner alta and des moines, 2008 -28 wins, IMCA national champion and Northern region champion, 3 track titles at Iowa state fairgrounds, Shelby county speedway and Stuart speedway, 2 out of 3 races at abilene ice breaker, Kansas state shootout champion, ron little memorial winner, Usmts winner at Oskaloosa

When 5-time champion & NHRA hall-of-famer Eddie Hill was building and tuning his Top Fuel engines that set National Speed and Elapsed time records on both land and water, he selected the best engine components available. That's why he called COMP Cams for the camshafts for his latest ride, a Chevy Ecotec LSJ-engined Ariel Atom.


Winning a world championship is one of the most incredible experiences in my life! Though it is every racers dream to put the big #1 on the car, EVERYTHING has to be right to compete at that level.

Comp Cams has powered me into the winner’s circle for years, and my division and National titles were won with a wide array of Comp’s products, including camshaft, lifters, springs, rocker arms, and belt drive. When thousandths of a second count, and reliability and consistency are paramount, there is only ONE choice…….COMP CAMS!

Jack Beckman

Hi Tim,
We did it again, 2005 Nascar Autozone Elite Southwest Series Champions!!!!!
Thank you again for all the help. It was brought to my attention that the last 2 seasons this team, the Pettit #03 car has not lost a single lap or position due to an engine related problem! Very Cool!!!!


Thanks very much for the great Comp Cam and your excellent support of the NHRA Sportsman Contingency Program. My son Chris LeBlanc, winner of Super Street at the Springnationals earlier this year in Houston, and I apprecite it very much. I have used Comp cams for many years and we will continue to do so. You can be sure we will display your decals on our race car properly and effectively and will do our best to recommend your fine products to everyone we possibly can.

Thanks again,
Jim LeBlanc
Chris LeBlanc

To Comp Cams,
Thanks for your support of the ATPA. I sure appreciate the great products you manufacture for us. The camshafts, springs, and all the fine products. Thanks for the great people like Dean Harvey that keep TFS Performance Engines on top of the pulling world of technology.

Thanks again,
Tom Tormoehlen
TFS Performance Spellbound Pulling

Thanks to you, Gordon, and all the gang at Comp Cams 2004 proved to be an outstanding year for Skip Govia Racing Engines. We won the American Power Boat Association National High Points Championship in the Crackerbox Class and I dont have to tell you Comp Cams products were on-board for that effort. I look forward to a winning 2005 season with your continued support and technical advice. Thank you!

Skip Govia Racing Engines

Thank you for supporting IHRA Sportsman Drag racing. We are a family racing team and COMP Cams contingency and support is very important to us. We utilize COMP Cams cam, lifters, and springs in our winning combination.

Dan Malloy, father-owner
Tony Malloy, crew chief
Chris Malloy, driver

I've been building the 2.0L 4-cylinders for my nephew, Eddie Secord, for about 10 years in the Pro-4 Class of paved oval racing out on the west coast. As you know, I began to use your cam prdouct this year. I have been using your beehive valve springs in my heads for a touch over two years. I've tried many different sets of valve springs in my heads over the years we've raced the 2.0L. We've finally found the very best combination with the beehives.

Dave Carpenter

I would like to take the time to thank the crew at Comp Cams for their help in winning the 2004 Nascar Autozone Elite Series Championship with driver Jim Pettit II and the SCCA 2004 GT-1 National Road Racing Championship with driver Lew Larimer. A special thank yoiu to Tim Cole and Bill Godbold for the camshaft technical assistance and delivery times. Your application of technology has helped elevate our engine program to this championship caliber. I realize Comp Cams wins a lot of championships in the major series', the fact that you take the time to help engine builders in the smaller series speaks highly of your dedication to quality and service to all. We hope to continue our success in 2005, of course with your help.

Again, thank you!
Ted Yamashiro
Top Of The Hill Performance Center

Dear CompCams,
I received my contingency award today for my runner up at the IHRA Quaker City race. I just wanted to thank you again for your support and inform you that CompCams was the first company to pay my contingency award. With all of the stories out there about companies not paying their supporters, I can see CompCams cares about its racers. I hope I can continue taking CompCams deep into eliminations and represent the company with professionalism.

Thanks again!
Carl Schodde Jr. and Carl Sr.
Super Stock GT/HA Chrysler LeBaron #322

This is a story I think is a MUST READ for ALL racers. At the Vegas points meet I broke a lifter which in turn wiped out the camshaft on our SS Firebird. I was unable to compete on Sunday and had an entry to the Pomona national event that I thought was going to go unused. It was very disappointing being so far away from home and have this kind of damage happen at the last minute.

BUT THEN IT HAPPENED! Someone said he had seen the COMP CAMS representative Ronnie Smith at the track making his rounds throughout the pits. I approached Ronnie with my problem and he went right to work. Ronnie called another COMP CAMS employee and SS racer Tim Cole in Memphis, TN on SUNDAY NIGHT and asked if there was anything he could do for us being such last minute. Tim said he would have the camshaft set up FIRST THING MONDAY MORNING to be cut and packaged-up WITH a full set of lifters on MONDAY NIGHT and OVERNIGHTED to Ronnie's hotel in Pomona, CA.

While driving to Pomona on Tuesday morning I called Ronnie and the CAMSHAFT and LIFTERS were in Ronnie's hands just like Tim promised! I was able to race Pomona after my crewchief JIM HANIG (along with Pete Peery and Gary Slayton) did the fantastic repair. Comp Cams rep. Ronnie Smith kept dropping by to see if there was anything else he could do. At the last minute we discovered the pushrods were too short for the new lifters. I called Ronnie on his cell phone as he was leaving the track. He turned his car around and went to the COMP CAMS trailer and retrieved the pushrods I needed.

I tell you my story because the next time you purchase a cam, lifters, pushrods, etc... I want you to remember THIS story. It could be YOU half way across the country needing help. Support the sponsors that support you. They didnt have to do what they did. COMP CAMS understands that a company is only as good as the product it sells as well as their people who sell it. Thank you COMP CAMS, RONNIE SMITH, and TIM COLE! I hope I can return the favor one day.

Terry Emmons,
Emmons Motorsports

I have learned through experience that there is a big difference in cam quality, companies, and performance even with a cam that the numbers look the same on paper. Comp Cams' always out performs other companies that I have used so Comp's product is my first choice for my son's Jr. Dragster, my personal, and customer engines. THANKS FOR ALL your help and designing the cam for my Chevy II.

Terry Bolin

Dear Mr. Brothers,

I would like to take just a minute of your time to thank you for your $100 contingency check that I recieved yesterday for my first NHRA "Wally" win. The win at Maple Grove's Lucas Oil Series race over Memorial Day 2004 weekend was nothing short of fantastic for me. I appreciate what the sponsors do for us and thank them all for their support. Your check from Comp was the first contingency check i have EVER recieved! Needless to say, I have photo-copied it for my scrapbook. Tim Cole has been extremely helpful to me, often times on every short notice and is a true asset to your organization.

Don Bangs

Comp Cams,
On behalf of Earl Pearson Jr. and Dunn-Benson Ford Motorsports we would like to thank you and your company for your support in 2004. Your association with Dunn-Benson Ford Motorsports was instrumental to our success in WINNING the 2004 Stacker 2 Xtreme DirtCar Series Championship! Your products and support were extremely vital to our racing program in 2004 and we appreciate your willingness to be associated with Earl Person Jr. and Dunn-Benson Ford Motorsports.

Earl Pearson Jr.

Another successful year at Bonneville for the Doll/Fox/Christopherson Camero. We reclaimed our "B" production record at 230mph thanks to your great valve train components. We now hold the record in "A", "B", "C", and "D" productions. All with Comp Cams. They sure are great products and contributed highly to our success.

Thank you,
Jim Fox

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