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COMP Cams® Spring Locators For LS Valve Springs
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Memphis, TN − COMP Cams® introduces two new Valve Spring Locators for LS valve springs with .520″ guides. Older standard shims will not hold up to the extreme spring pressures and high RPM found in today’s engines. COMP Cams® offers a simple but effective solution to this problem − a thin, hardened steel alloy seat which will not only protect the head and shim but will also locate and hold the spring in place. Adding to an already extensive line of locators, COMP® engineers have created two new ones specifically for LS applications: The first set of locators (#4872-16) are designed for COMP® Beehive™ Springs with .520″ guides (#26918). The second set (#4873-16) fit COMP® Dual LS Valve Springs with .520″ guides (#26925). Designed with an inner diameter locating shoulder, these new spring seats will keep your LS springs seated perfectly for a more stable valve train.

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