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COMP Cams® Introduces Custom Cam Cores For GM LS Applications
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Valve train technology leader introduces new custom cam cores for GM LS engines − including 60mm Bearing Journal, Wide Lobe Separation & AFM applications As of late, GM has given the LS performance enthusiasts plenty of reasons to be excited. Larger 60mm bearing journals, wider lobe separation angles and even the new Active Fuel Management have each brought something new to the performance table. And, to help squeeze out the maximum power in each of these applications, COMP Cams® is now introducing a new line of custom cam cores for several unique LS engines. Included are three unique series: GM LS Active Fuel Management (AFM) Cores, Wide Lobe Separation Cores and 60mm Bearing Journal Cores. The AFM Cores are designed as replacement cams that maximize the performance of street LS engines that are 100% compatible with AFM or Variable Valve Timing (VVT) AFM. Next, the Wide Lobe Separation LS Cores target boosted and emissions sensitive applications and can handle a lobe separation anywhere from 118° all the way up to 124°! Finally, the 60mm Bearing Journal LS Cores feature a larger base circle for lower pressure angles (less side loading on the lifters), a stiffer core and a lower rocker arm ratio to reduce stress in valve train components in race applications. Every cam using any of these steel billet cores will be custom ground for each specific application and can include options such as gun drilling. These race-quality cores are kept on-hand for quick delivery. All COMP Cams® cam cores employ the latest technology in camshaft design. For more information on the new COMP Cams GM LS Cam Cores or any other COMP Cams® product, call us at 1-800-999-0853, or visit us online at

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