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COMP Cams® Quick Tech Video: “Selecting The Correct Distributor Gear”
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Memphis, TN – A brand new Quick Tech Video from COMP Cams® guides you through the process of selecting the correct distributor gear for your new cam application. Quick Tech Videos from COMP Cams® are created to help racers, engine builders and automotive enthusiasts at all levels. In the new video, “Selecting The Correct Distributor Gear,” the team at COMP Cams® demonstrates the correct way to match your distributor gear to the type of camshaft in your application. This is one of the most critical steps when building an engine. Both camshaft type and material affect the type of distributor gear you need, and selecting the improper gear can lead to premature gear wear, possible camshaft wear, voiding of your camshaft warranty, and ultimately, engine failure. Visit or to learn how to select the distributor gear that’s best for you.

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