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COMP Cams® Quick Tech Video: How To Set Valve Lash
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Memphis, TN − The latest Quick Tech Video from COMP Cams® helps engine builders maximize valve train performance by properly setting valve lash. The COMP Cams® Quick Tech Video series helps racers, engine builders and automotive enthusiasts at all levels discover secrets to maximizing power potential. Properly setting valve lash is crucial to achieving maximum valve lift, stability, durability and performance. Too much lash will cause noise and wear in the valve train, while lashing too tightly may hang open a valve so the cylinder can’t run. This latest video installment, How To Set Valve Lash, walks viewers through the process of setting valve lash to either give an engine more bottom end torque or more top end horsepower. The How To Set Valve Lash and all other COMP Cams® Quick Tech Videos can be on the COMP Cams® YouTube Channel at Direct Link:

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