1.077/1.282 OD Beehive Hustler Valve Springs; 1.800" Installed Height - Set of 16

COMP Cams® Hustler™ Valve Springs are an improved version of the popular GM LS6 “blue” valve spring. They are based on popular GM part #12499224 and #12565313 LS6 springs but with 4% higher seat and open loads for better dynamic control, as well as an extra .020” of lift capability. They’re even painted blue so they are visually identical to the OEM springs – so they are an excellent performance upgrade in GM 603/604 and CT525 LS crate race applications with tight rules packages.
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Max Lift: 0.570
Installed Height: 1.800
Coil Bind Height: 1.181
O.D. of Outer: 1.077/1.282
I.D. of Outer: .655/.860
Spring Style: Beehive
Spring Rate: 386
Seat Pressure: 92
Damper: No