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10° Titanium Retainer: 1.625

10° Titanium Retainer: 1.625" Spring Dia.

10° Titanium Retainer: 1.625

10° Titanium Retainer: 1.625" Spring Dia.-3

10° Titanium Retainer: 1.625" Spring Dia.-2

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Upgrading to these 10° COMP Cams® titanium valve spring retainers for triple valve springs will often allow you to gain speed and power because titanium retainers are lighter and stronger than most steel ones. Additionally, our Super Lock™ titanium design gives you confidence; no longer will you be preoccupied with splitting a retainer and tearing up an engine when turning 10,000 RPM.

These COMP Cams® titanium retainers are made from the finest 6AL4V alloy for maximum stiffness and minimal warpage. The 6AL4V alloy is heat-treated and processed to a stringent tolerance that makes it so strong that it is even used in the aircraft industry. Other manufacturers purchase titanium from metal brokers and produce “cheap” retainers, but COMP Cams® titanium retainers will not deform. From a standing idle to the most extreme RPM, our titanium retainers perform flawlessly and without compromise.

More Information
UPC 036584190417
Manufacturer COMP Cams®
Emissions Code N/A
Retainer Material Titanium
Lock Angle 10
Valve Stem Size All
Valve Spring Diameter 1.625
Diameter 1 1.5
Diameter 2 1.18
Diameter 3 0.87
Diameter 4 0.635
Installed Height +.050