100CC Pro Head CC'ing Kit

Pro Head CC Kit 100cc x .2cc (Air Shipping Only)
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We have greatly expanded our lineup of burets in order to offer you the size that best suits your needs. Our kits provide everything you need to properly cc cylinder head combustion chambers, intake and exhaust runners, intake manifolds, or cylinders. Our precision glass burets are compatible with alcohol, parts washer fluid or anything else you would want to put in them. Our easy-to-read scales are marked off in .2cc increments (except 250cc model) and actually read out the amount you've poured, so there's no math involved. All of our kits contain a precision glass buret with integral petcock, a stand and clamp assembly, a flat plexiglass plate to cover the combustion chamber and instructions on how to properly cc cylinder heads. Note. All burets shipped by air only.