(12) Max Shift Racing Transmission Fluid Quart Bottles

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Instantly add shift quality, performance and durability to any automatic transmission by simply pouring in TCI® Max Shift™ (ATF) Automatic Transmission Fluid. Available in four unique blends that cover most automatic transmissions, Max Shift™ is proven to resist viscosity breakdown in even the most demanding conditions.

Created using pure base oils with proprietary additive packages tailored by usage, these fluids require no additives or treatments. The formula line-up includes: Street Performance, Race, Circle Track and Full Synthetic, which are fully compatible with other brands of mineral and synthetic ATF. No flushing needed; just pour in Max Shift™ for an instant upgrade.

  • Reduces internal friction & heat build-up (while promoting clutch lock-up) for increased shift quality & life

  • Premium fluids developed with ultra-pure base oils resist viscosity breakdown & extend fluid change intervals

  • Contains friction eliminating, anti-foaming & extreme heat additives; no other additives or treatments needed

  • Compatible with other brands of ATF (synthetic & conventional); simply pour in Max Shift™ for an instant upgrade

  • Exceeds Mercon & Dexron performance specifications– check each formula for exact specs

  • Application specific formulas include Street Performance, Race, Circle Track & Full Synthetic