6" Digital Calipers

6" Digital Calipers
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6" Digital CalipersThe secret to engine performance and durability is precision assembly. With Powerhouse® Products new 6-Inch Digital Calipers you are assured of getting the correct measurements the first time, so that parts are properly machined to fit and deliver exacting performance.Featuring a large, high-contrast LCD display powered by an SR44 battery, the Powerhouse® Products 6-Inch Digital Calipers are the perfect part for both professional and enthusiast engine builders. Accurate to 0.0008-inch for measurements under 4 inches and to 0.0012-inch for lengths up to 6 inches, they are capable of delivering both inside and outside measurement. In addition, the Powerhouse® 6-Inch Digital Calipers are built to withstand the rigors of repeated use and demanding environments for years of accurate measurements.