.675" Lift Conical Spring Kit w/ Tool Steel Retainers for GM LS1/LS3

The .675" Lift Conical Spring Kit w/ Tool Steel Retainers for GM LS1/LS3 allows users to easily install revolutionary Conical Valve Springs on any high performance GM LS1/LS3 engine.
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The springs’ conical design features a smaller diameter in the upper half to reduce active mass. This reduction in mass, along with the progressive frequency created by the conical shape, dampens coil oscillations better than any other spring design. These improvements allow for the use of more aggressive camshafts and an increase in RPM limit speed. Finally, Superfinish processing of the springs results in increased durability and spring life.

Kit includes:

  • #7230-16 Conical Valve Springs
  • #1774-16 +.100 Tool Steel Retainers
  • #623-16 Valve Locks
  • #511-16 Valve Seals
  • #4680-16 Spring Seats


Max Lift: 0.665
Installed Height: 1.9
Coil Bind Height: 1.175
O.D. of Outer: 1.060/1.332
I.D. of Outer: .660/.932
Spring Style: Conical
Spring Rate: 519
Spring Part #: 7230-16
Seat Pressure: 145
Retainer Material: Tool Steel
Retainers Part #: 1774-16
Valve Locks Part #: 623-16
Valve Lock Type: 7° Steel
Spring Seats Type: I.D. Locator
Spring Seats Part #: 4680-16
Valve Seals Part #: 511-16
Valve Seals Type: Steel Jacketed Viton