Beehive Valve Spring Kits; 26095-4 Spring, Titanium Retainer

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Kit Includes
26095-4 Beehive™ valve spring
785-4 titanium retainers
4711-4 spring seats 1.590” O.D., .570” I.D., .060” thick
600-4 10° 5/16” .310” Super Locks w/lash cap recess
COMP Cams® V-Thunder® now has a new Beehive™ spring kit designed for high-lift camshafts in the popular Harley-Davidson Evo and Twin cam applications. Besides the well known advantages such as increased rpm range, increased durability and no rocker box clearance problems, Beehive™ valve springs also produce less noise and run cooler.Using the COMP Cams® Spintron® valve train test equipment, the Beehive™ #26095 valve spring was engineered to maximize “harmonic resistance” through reduced mass and unique coil spacing. With highly reduced internal spring harmonics, engines equipped with state-of-the-art Beehive™ valve springs rev higher and live longer than other similarly styled “performance” springs. Applications: Fits the popular Harley-Davidson Evo and Twin cam applications, as well as some aftermarket set-ups
Valve Spring Specifications
Part # 26095
O.D. 1.185”/1.589”
I.D. .731”/1.135"
179 # @ 1.900”(.690” LIFT)
194 # @ 1.850” (.640” LIFT)

381 # @ 1.210”

Coil Bind 1.150"

Spring Rate 293#