Briggs Animal (WKA Legal) Upgrade Stock Pushrods

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In today’s OHV kart racing engines, cam profiles, rpm and valve spring pressures continue to get more aggressive as builders strive for a competitive edge. Although often overlooked, COMP’s years of valve train development have proven that pushrods are an important part of any winning OHV engine. As a result of this need,GoParts™ offers a line-up of the strongest, most durable and best performing pushrods available for Briggs Animal & 10 hp applications. Manufactured from the high-strength, quality-assured tubing that has undergone proprietary hardening and finishing processes, these pushrods will deliver increased performance and durability by maximizing lift and controlling harmful pushrod deflection.

• Increase hp, rpm range & durability by controlling power robbing deflection

• Premium material that has undergone proprietary hardening & finishing processes

• Applications available for Briggs Animal and 10 HP 305cc applications