Cam & Lifter Installation Lube • 5/8 Oz. Packet

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Initial start-up is the most critical time in the life of any camshaft. COMP Cams® Cam and Lifter Installation Lube is the best protective break-in lubricant on the market. Cam and Lifter Installation Lube must be spread generously on all lobes of the cam, on the bottoms of the lifters and on the distributor gear when installing a cam. Cam and Lifter Installation Lube from COMP Cams® provides the instant protection you need to guard against any premature wear.

COMPSpecialty Lubricants

COMP Cams® has taken great pains to develop what we feel to be the best line of lubricants on the market to protect your valve train and engine. These will protect your internal engine components before start-up, during break-in and throughout the life cycle of your engine.

  • Three different formulas protect internal engine components

  • Protected valve train parts include: Cam, Lifters, Springs, Rockers, Pushrods & Distributor Gear

  • Contain high viscosity, extreme pressure additives not found in today’s conventional oils & lubricants

  • Compatible w/ all petroleum, synthetic & blended engine oils

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