Elite Drag Race Dual Valve Spring, 0.900"-1

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COMP Cams® Elite Drag Race Dual Valve Springs are unlike any existing springs on the market. They feature a new proprietary, cutting-edge, progressive pitch coiling process from COMP® that greatly improves durability and ensures safe spring life beyond traditional extreme-duty expectations.

The COMP Cams® Elite Drag Race Dual Valve Springs are smaller in diameter and feature higher frequencies. These new dual valve springs are coiled with a revolutionarily new process that enhances durability by engineering the outer spring precision to the interface with the inner spring. The Elite Drag Race Dual Valve Springs use a smaller, lighter retainer engineered with a newly developed and specially formulated spring steel. This exclusive design and use of lighter retainers substantially increases the longevity in extreme conditions, such as professional drag racing.

Exclusive clean wire sourcing and precision micro-finishing are standard on every COMP Cams® Drag Race Dual Valve Spring. Each individual spring is hand selected and matched with proper tolerance fitment between inner and outer springs.

Max Lift: 0.91
Installed Height: 2.1
Coil Bind Height: 1.13
O.D. of Outer: 1.52
I.D. of Inner: 0.711
I.D. of Outer: 1.042
Spring Style: Dual
Spring Rate: 800
Seat Pressure: 325
Damper: No
Component Part Number
Spring Cup (O.D. Locator): 4769-1
Spring Seat (.570" Guide Dia.): 4781-1
Spring Seat (.630" Guide Dia.): 4782-1
Titanium Retainers: 718-1
Tool Steel Retainers: 1718-1