Engine Finishing Kits (Ford FF 1968-1987)

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New line of Engine Finishing Kits from COMP Cams® to include popular AMC, GM, Ford & Chrysler engine applications

When building an engine, many engine builders and “do-it-yourself” performance enthusiasts tend to focus on the major components such as camshafts, cylinder heads and the bottom-end, while often overlooking the smaller parts until the final stages of assembly. Aware of this, valve train leader COMP Cams® developed a line of Engine Finishing Kits to include those often neglected parts, some of which include woodruff keys, cylinder head alignment dowels, cam bolts, timing cover and oil pump dowel pins that are crucial to assembly.

Recently, COMP Cams® extended the line of Engine Finishing Kits to include other popular AMC, Chrysler, GM and Ford engines. The line extension kits feature new components to replace those commonly worn or lost pieces and to meet or exceed the factory performance of your engine application. So don’t wait until the last minute – get your Engine Finishing Kit today and have everything you need to build or upgrade your engine.