EVL 240/240 R102

EVL 240/240 R102
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• Hydraulic • Bolt-In • 80-Inch Engines • Strong Mid-Ranged and Upper End Power with Stock Heads • 1800 to 6000rpm • Excellent Fuel Mileage

VThunder® cams provide the ultimate in arm-stretching, white knuckle power in both street and competitive applications.

Most cam designers concentrate on getting the most power in a particular RPM range and disregard valve train clatter and power band width. The designers at VThunder® pay particular attention to ramp design to keep our cams as quiet as possible and lobe design to maintain as wide a power band as possible. VThunder® cams are made from 6150 aircraft quality steel for ultimate durability and resistance to premature cam failure from metal fatigue. We heat treat our cams to provide a case depth that allows for long term use under extreme loads. With the aid of computer controlled machining centers, VThunder® cams are held to extremely precise tolerances.

Gross Valve Lift Lobe Lift Duration @.053 Valve Timing Open/Close Lobe Center Line Lobe Separation Base Circle Radius Tappet Lift @TDC Valve Lift @TDC
IN. EX. IN. EX. IN. EX. IN. EX. IN. EX.     IN. EX. IN. EX.
.500 .500 .3125 .3125 240 240 18/42 42/18 102 102 102 .530" .106" .106" .170" .170"
B>Spring Seat CutterMost high performance engines require larger than stock diameter valve springs. Our Spring Seat Cutters allow youto machine the spring seats using an ordinary hand drill. We even offer seat cutters to accommodate the spring seatcups that are so widely used today (Note: all seat cutters cut to .630" inside diameter). Our Valve Guide Cutters aredesigned to shorten the valve guide boss for high lift cams, and also reduce the outside diameter to accept triplesprings and/or aftermarket valve seals. Each tool utilizes our Interchangeable Arbors, which are sold separately, soorder the one that matches your valve stem diameter.

Spring Seat Cutter - 1.550" OD