EZ-EFI -6AN Fuel Return Line Fitting

Adding a return fuel line fitting to your fuel tank is simple with the no welding required FAST® EZ-® -6AN Fuel Return Line Fitting.
Available Soon
You can now add a return fuel line port to your fuel tank with only hand tools and no welding. The FAST® EZ-EFI® -6AN Fuel Return Line Fitting is the perfect way to easily add a -6AN fitting to any tank without welding or having access to the inside. By simply drilling a 1/2" hole, the fitting installs against the tank from the outside. By compressing the fitting’s aluminum body like a rivet, a mechanically secure, fuel tight seal is formed. Compatible with any tank material up to ¼” thick, installing the fitting does not require access to the inside of the fuel tank. While primarily intended for fuel return, the fitting has a number of other potential uses such as oil return, power steering line return, vent, etc. The fitting assembly includes a billet aluminum body, an anodized -6AN fitting and a Grade 8 installation bolt for your convenience.