Performance Cam Sets For Ford Coyote 2018+ Engines

The Ford Coyote engine has proven itself as an awesome base for modifications since its debut in 2011, and COMP Cams® now offers six different performance cam set options that range from mild to wild for the newer direct injection 2018+ Coyote engine.

These brand new profiles, designed using data from GT350 race engines, are optimized for the 2018+ cylinder head geometry and flow, providing optimized power for any combination of modifications. The cams are designed to take advantage of the engine’s direct injection to not only make more horsepower, but to also maximize the fuel flow and power capability of the camshaft driven direct injection pump. In addition, these grinds are more stable at high RPM than the factory cam profiles while also producing more power across the entire RPM range.

Four NSR (No Valve Springs Required) grinds are available for naturally aspirated engines with two additional designs specifically for blower applications (blower/turbo applications require spring upgrade.)

THUMPR™ (NO SPRINGS REQUIRED)–Hydraulic Roller Finger Follower Camshafts

NSR (NO SPRINGS REQUIRED)–Hydraulic Roller Finger Follower Camshafts

BLOWER/TURBO–Hydraulic Roller Finger Follower Camshafts