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COMP Cams Rocker Studs - Product Representation

Hi-Tech™ Race Rocker Studs; 3/8” Stud Diameter, 1.895" Stud Length

Hi-Tech™ Race Rocker Studs; GM Gen III/LS1/LS2/LS6

Hi-Tech™ Race Rocker Studs; GM Gen III/LS1/LS2/LS6

Hi-Tech™ Race Rocker Studs; 7/16” Stud Diameter

Hi-Tech™ Race - 7/16” Rocker Stud (7/16" Base Thread Diameter)

COMP Cams® takes pride in having the finest rocker arm studs available on the market. The High Energy™ and Magnum series studs work well in applications with moderate lifts and spring pressures and are available in the popular 3/8” and 7/16” sizes. When ultimate strength is required as with high rpm roller cam applications, the Hi-Tech™ Race Stud is the answer. This stud has a thin jam nut for rocker clearance, rolled threads for maximum contact and a ground-flat top so accurate valve adjustment can be achieved and maintained. The diameter of the jam nut is larger in order to spread the load over a larger area. All COMP Cams® studs have generous radii and a black oxide finish.

• Designed for ultimate strength and locking force

• High Energy™ and Magnum polylocks are best for moderate lift and spring pressure applications

• Hi-Tech™ Polylocks work well in all high end race applications

• The stud girdle polylocks are precision ground for minimum runout and tapered for extra strength in the locking area

    Base Thread  
Part # Description Dia. Length Stud Dia. Effective Stud Length
4506-16 Hi-Tech™ Race Rocker Stud 7/16” .710” 7/16” 1.750”
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UPC 036584390169
Manufacturer COMP Cams®
Emissions Code N/A