High Energy™ DLC Flat Tappet Lifters for Chevrolet Small and Big Block

New DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coated flat tappet lifter that produces an extremely hard, tough, and slick face that reduces friction at the cam lobe.

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COMP Cams now offers a quality, yet inexpensive alternative to the hard-to-find traditional iron flat tappet lifter. The new DLC coated lifter will perform mechanically just as our well-known High Energy line, but with the added benefit of being made from a stronger material that includes a friction reducing surface treatment that will extend the life of the lifter and camshaft and significantly reduce the chances of a flattened cam lobe.
Lifter Type: Hydraulic Flat Tappet
Lifter Series: High Energy DLC
Lifter Weight: 94
Lifter Seat Height: 1.99
Lifter Finish: DLC