HV Cam 218/226 .575/.570 Hyd Roller for GEN III/IV 4.8L/5.3L/6.0L

This HV cam for GM cathedral port LS engines is designed to provide amazing drivability and throttle response in larger vehicles. Provides increased torque across the entire RPM range with a significant horsepower bump. Similar to the 54-271-11, with higher lift to take advantage of 26906 springs.

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This COMP Cams® HV cam is designed for GM cathedral port 4.8L/5.3L/6.0L powered vehicles. It provides amazing drivability and throttle response while also requiring minimal tuning. Torque is increased across the entire operating range while still producing +79 horsepower at peak. Get the most out of your daily driver truck, SUV or 4x4 without sacrificing street manners. The HV cam will provide a deep rumble with a mild, yet noticeable lope. At .575" lift, this cam is designed to take advantage of the inexpensive 26906 valve spring upgrade. Also compatible with stock converters.

Offers excellent drivability and throttle response while being easy to tune. Excellent choice for heavier daily driver vehicles (trucks/SUVs). Provides a deep rumble with a mild, yet noticeable lope. Needs 26906 springs and works with stock converters. +79 hp & +34 ft-lbs at peak over Gen IV 5.3L.

Computer Controlled Compatible: Yes
Valve Springs Required: Yes
Maximum Advance At Camshaft: 5 deg
Engine Family: GM LS GEN III/IV 3-Bolt 8 Cylinder (1997-2015)
RPM Operating Range: 2500 - 6300
Grind Number: LS271HV11
Cam Type: Hydraulic Roller
Camshaft Series: HV
Usage: Street
California Proposition 65: Yes
Advertised Intake Duration: 271°
Advertised Exhaust Duration: 278°
Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 218°
Exhaust Duration at .050 Inch Lift: 226°
Intake Valve Lift: 0.575in
Exhaust Valve Lift: 0.570in
Lobe Lift Intake: 0.338in
Lobe Lift Exhaust: 0.335in
Lobe Separation: 111°
Intake Centerline: 106°
Exhaust Close ATDC: -3°
Intake Open BTDC:
Exhaust Open BBDC: 49°
Intake Close ABDC: 35°
Lifter Type: Roller Tappet
Recommended Cold Lash Setting - Intake: Hyd
Recommended Cold Lash Setting - Exhaust: Hyd
Direct Injection: No
VVT Compatible: No
Phaser Requirement : None
Fuel Management Strategy Compatible: No