Intake Manifold Gasket for 1958-1965 348/409 “W-Series” Chevys

Edelbrock Intake Manifold Gasket for 1958-1965 348/409 "W-Series", Large Port Chevys. Top quality Edelbrock gaskets ensure a perfect seal every time.
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The Edelbrock #7240 Intake Gaskets for 1958-1965 348/409 “W-Series”, Large Port Chevys allow for optimum flow and performance. Any gasket can create a seal, but a good gasket can do it with less clamping force, and for a longer period of time. The new MP-2N Micropore® technology does not use solvents making our gaskets environmentally friendly. Impervious to most chemicals, this synthetic fiber composite provides a high recovery under load. This means that when compressed, the gasket will conform to any imperfections on the sealing surface even using lower flange pressures. A nitrile bead around each port opening makes the seal even better.

Installation Notes:
• Port Size: 2.50” x 1.31”
• Thickness: .060”
• We recommend the use of Edelbrock Gasgacinch (Part #9300) on the intake manifold mounting surfaces of the cylinder head and on the bottom side of the intake manifold gaskets (side without silicon beads). The Gasgacinch will secure the gaskets in place, ensuring a proper seal.
• Silicon beads facing up towards intake manifold
Finish: Grey
Material: Synthetic Fiber Composite