Max Shift Break-In Transmission Fluid - 1 Gallon

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TCI® Part# 15901 - 1 Gallons

TCI® Max Shift™ Break-In Transmission Fluid is the perfect solution for guarding against heat build-up and wear during the critical 30-minute break-in period and initial drain of your automatic transmission. Like all Max Shift™ fluids, the Break-In Fluid was developed using ultra-pure base oils that resist viscosity breakdown and contains all of the necessary friction eliminating, anti-foaming and extreme heat additives. No other additives are required, and it is compatible with other brands of ATF (synthetic and conventional). No flushing is required after draining. TCI® Max Shift™ Break-In Transmission Fluid works in most automatic transmissions and exceeds Dexron III® & Mercon® specs. After the initial break-in period, TCI® strongly recommends replacing this break-in fluid with one of the other Max Shift™ Transmission Fluids that fits your application. Street Performance, Race, Circle Track or Full Synthetic fluids are available.

  • Reduces damaging heat build-up & internal component wear during critical 30-minute break-in period 
  • Ultra-pure base oils resist viscosity breakdown & contains all necessary friction eliminating, antifoaming & extreme heat additives 
  • Compatible with most synthetic & conventional transmission fluids; no flushing required after draining
  • Works in most car & truck automatic transmissions; exceeds Dexron III® & Mercon® specs