Nitrided High Energy™ Steel Rocker Arms: Chevy; 7/16", 1.7 Ratio

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These nitrided COMP Cams® High Energy™ Steel Stud Mount Rocker Arms designed for 1965-87 Chevy 396-454 applications feature a 7/16" stud diameter and 1.7 ratio. High Energy™ Rockers help eliminate the noise and slop associated with older worn and high mileage stock rocker arms. With a long slot for higher than stock lift camshafts, these rocker arms are an excellent replacement choice for engine rebuilds using either stock or High Energy Camshafts™.

These rockers have been nitrided to increase surface hardness for improved initial and long-term wear characteristics. The nitriding process increases hardness by causing an infusion of nitrogen molecules into the material’s surface. This improves both the lubricity and wear resistance of the material.

  • Excellent replacement rocker arms for engine rebuilds with a stock or High Energy Camshaft™
  • Help to eliminate noise and slop associated with worn or high mileage stock rocker arms
  • Include adjusting nuts and pivot balls where required
  • Feature a long slot for higher than stock lift camshafts
  • Nitrided rocker arms designed for higher spring pressures and hardened pushrods