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Xtreme 4x4 220/224 Hydraulic Roller Cam for Chevrolet Small Block

Xtreme 4x4 220/224 Hydraulic Roller Cam for Chevrolet Small Block

Xtreme Marine 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam for Chevrolet Small Block

Xtreme Marine 212/218 Hydraulic Roller Cam for Chevrolet Small Block

Nitrous HP 224/236 Hydraulic Roller Cam for Chevrolet Small Block

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  • For Retro-Fit (Link Bar) Hydraulic Roller Lifters; Fits '58-'021 262-400 cid Chevy Small Blocks2

  • Street machine w/ 125+ nitrous system or small supercharger • 2200+ Stall w/ lower gears

  • Nitrous HP™ -Wider lobe separation & added exhaust duration from base XE series help shift the power to higher RPM to allow use in nitrous applications • Early exhaust opening helps scavenge the extra spent gasses from nitrous or forced induction • Better time slips for nitrous passes at the strip

  • Warning: Camshaft Optimized for use with a Melanized or Nitrided distributor gear. Not compatible with cast or steel gears without similar surface treatments. Failure to utilize the proper distributor gear will void all warranties and/or return policies.

1: Cams for '55-'57 engines can be custom ordered. Please Call, Email, Twitter or Live Chat for details.

2: The '87+ Chevy Small Block received provisions for roller lifters. Most '87 - '93 GM cars came with roller lifters, but most '87 - '95 trucks came with flat tappet lifters in roller lifter style blocks. If your block has '87+ OEM-style roller cam provisions but does not have roller components fitted, COMP Hyd. Roller Lifter Install Kit for '87-'90 Blocks or '91-'02 Blocks can be purchased. As well as a '87+ OE-Style COMP Hyd. Roller Cam and '87+ OE-Style COMP Roller Lifters. Pre-'87 blocks require Retro-Fit Link Bar Roller Lifters.

More Information
UPC 036584081388
Manufacturer COMP Cams®
Emissions Code
Engine Family Chevrolet 262-400 c.i. 8 Cylinder (1958-1998)
RPM Operating Range 2,000-6,000
Cam Type Hydraulic Roller
Camshaft Series Nitrous HP
Camshaft Gear Attachment 3-Bolt
Usage Street/Strip
California Proposition 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm
Advertised Intake Duration 276
Advertised Exhaust Duration 288
Intake Duration at .050 Inch Lift 224
Exhaust Duration at .050 Inch Lift 236
Intake Valve Lift 0.502
Exhaust Valve Lift 0.52
Lobe Separation 113
Valve Timing Lift 0.006
Exhaust Close ATDC 26
Intake Open BTDC 30
Exhaust Open BBDC 82
Intake Close ABDC 66
Lifter Style Hydraulic Roller
Recommended Components
Component Part Number
Break-In Lube 159
Distributor Gears 12200
Valve Seals 503-16
Valve Locks 611-16
Steel Retainers 740-16
Valve Springs 986-16
Valve Springs 26986-16
Valve Locks 614-16
Steel Retainers 795-16
Timing Set 2100
Timing Set 7100
Rocker Arms 1412-16
Lifter Kit 15853-16
Push Rods 7809-16
Lifter Kit 853-16
CL-Kit Upgrade CL12-415-8
K-Kit Upgrade K12-415-8
SK-Kit Upgrade SK12-415-8