Performance Lash Adjusters for Ford Modular 4.6L-5.4L SOC, 1996-04 Applications - Set of 16

By slowing the leak down rate, the COMP Cams® Performance Lash Adjusters provide more lift and duration while improving valve train stability.
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Lash adjusters in Ford Modular motors can leak down under high RPM, causing lost duration and lift, as well as more valve train wear. The COMP Cams® Ford Mod Motor Performance Lash Adjusters are engineered to have a slower leak down rate than stock lash adjusters. These provide more lift and duration when aggressive performance camshafts and heavy-duty valve springs are installed. Additionally, because they better resists collapsing than the stock lash adjuster, these Performance Lash Adjusters provide better valve train stability and high RPM durability. A black oxide finish prevents rust and corrosion while contributing to increased durability and life span.