Rattler Absorber | Small Block Chevy | Internal Balance | 1.246" Crank Hub I.D. | 6.290" Overall Diameter

Rattler® Absorber • Small Block Chevy; Internal Balance • 1.246" Crank Hub I.D. • 6.290" Overall Diameter

All internal combustion engines display crankshaft torsional vibration. As the piston rises and falls so does cylinder pressure. The changing pressure results in forces being transmitted along the connecting rod and applied to the crankshaft journal. The TCI® Rattler® counteracts those vibrations by using internal rollers that automatically offset twisting forces that cause vibration. The Rattler® is an absorber that eliminates the root cause of torsional vibration. It is effective for the entire RPM range and extends crankshaft and bearing life, as well as increases valve train stability and life. The design does not utilize viscous fluids and requires virtually no maintenance. And the unit’s timing marks are etched onto the body and cannot move relative to crankshaft centerline. The Rattler® is also lighter in weight than most units of the same size and material construction.

Its design features steel rollers (centrifugal pendulums) that fit loosely into a specific number of holes. By using an exact, patented, mathematical relationship, the rollers will roll forward during compression stroke and backward during power stroke to keep engine speed variation and vibration to a minimum. The rollers actually store and release energy back into the crankshaft rather than converting it to heat energy as dampers do. Rattlers® are not frequency specific but are based on the number of cylinders used in the engine or events per revolution so they are practical for street use, as well as oval track and drag strip use.


Standard 3-Bolt Pattern | Weighs 7bs 8oz | Internal Balance

  • Integral timing marks can't move relative to crankshaft
  • Maintains maximum effectiveness at all engine speeds
  • No fluids, elastomers or friction materials; no pulley or crank trigger shims required
  • CNC-machined to exact tolerances SFI 18.1 certified