The Future is Now

COMP Cams® defines future technology by investing in research and development programs to understand and utilize state-of-the-art computers, dynos, measuring equipment, materials, production processes, cycle testers and track testing. We invest millions of dollars in developing and adapting new technologies to cam and valve train components. Many companies adopt a follow-the-leader philosophy. At COMP Cams®, we are the leader. Our company's mission is clear: to be the best now, and be the best tomorrow. That takes a dedicated effort to continually advance the state of our products - and we are committed! Sourcing materials from around the world, hiring the best engineers available and being dedicated to a "no compromise" attitude keep COMP Cams® ahead of the pack. Today, COMP Cams® excels because of yesterday's dedication to the future. Today's dedication to research and development will assure COMP Cams® the leadership position in the years to come.


The basis for COMP Cams® success and winning ways always comes down to superior engineering. Cam and valve train technology is highly sophisticated, requiring brilliant engineering minds with thorough training in mathematics, physics, chemistry, computer science, metallurgy and other technical fields. COMP Cams® seeks out the best engineering minds and puts them together with advanced testing and measuring equipment, in both theory and practice. COMP Cams® engineers must excel at presenting artificial and real life problems and pursue answers based on theory, experimentation, empirical research and finally, in real life use. COMP Cams® engineers must go beyond the lab and realize engineering success, at the track and on the street. That is the final goal, to achieve the end result of producing more power, higher torque, greater consistency and greater reliability. Whatever defines a product's performance success, COMP Cams® engineers are on a one track course to achieve those goals. The final ingredient to COMP Cams® engineering success is the drive and ambition put forth by each individual engineer. Their motivation is relentless: to achieve performance success to a level which is continually increasing. That pursuit of excellence defines the COMP Cams® philosophy and it begins at the fundamental engineering level. It is what COMP Cams® engineering is all about.

No Compromise

COMP Cams® doesn't settle for second best, and that means there are times when faced with a decision, COMP Cams® will always revert back to a fundamental theorem which encumbers every facet of the company: COMP Cams® will not compromise to second best position. That attitude reaches to every employee and every decision which ultimately results in COMP Cams® providing the best products and services in the industry. The "no compromise" attitude at COMP Cams® means that when a customer uses COMP Cams® products they have the confidence that they have the best there is: the best products, the best service and a company which knows that each and every customer expects the best performance parts for their engine. COMP Cams® delivers that performance. Whether you are a NASCAR® or NHRA engine builder or a do-it-yourself street rodder, COMP Cams® has the products and service that put you ahead of the competition. You shouldn't be willing to compromise your performance with second rate products.

With COMP Cams®, there is no compromise - you're in first place.