Retro-Fit Hydraulic Roller Lifter Pair for Ford FE and 429-460

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Big Block & FE 390-428, 429, 460, Retro-Fit Roller Lifter for Early Model Blocks Originally Equipped w/ Flat Tappet Cam

  • Performance replacement for stock hydraulic roller lifters or retro-fit hydraulic roller lifters for non-roller blocks
  • Decrease friction and increase longevity when directly compared to flat tappet lifters
  • Accept much more aggressive cam profiles than flat tappet lifters will allow
Lifter Diameter:
Lifter Type: Retro-Fit Link Bar Hydraulic Roller
Lifter Series: Retro-Fit Link Bar Hydraulic Roller
Lifter Weight: 147
Lifter Seat Height: 2.60