Semi-Finished Pushrod Kit (7-Inch x .250-Inch Tubes & 3/16-Inch Ball Tips)

Kit includes:

  • (2) #GP4700 7-Inch Long, .250 Diameter Steel Pushrod Tubes
  • (4) #GP4710 3/16-Inch Ball Pushrod Tips

Increased strength pushrods are best alterative yet for high performance Briggs & Stratton Animal and 305 10 HP engines.

Until now, only a few, poor choices for upgrading the performance of your Briggs & Stratton racing engine pushrods existed. To the rescue is GoParts™, which has just introduced their new Semi-Finished Pushrods Kits that deliver supreme strength, durability and adjustability far beyond anything previously available. These 7-inch long, 0.250-inch diameter, 0.035-inch wall thickness pushrods feature 3/16-inch ball press-in tips. In addition, the pushrod kit allows you to customize your pushrod length to adapt to your deck height, rocker arm ratio, camshaft base circle size, lifter design or valve stem length.

The GoParts™ Semi-Finished Pushrod Kit is the best replacement for the comparatively weak aluminum hobby rod commonly used with these engine applications.