SHV 260/270 R106 (Early)


1970-77 engines • hydraulic • very hot cam for street or drag • likes big engines • carburetor, pipesand increased compression a must • 84 to 96 inch strokers • 7000 rpm

Most cam designers concentrate on getting the most power in a particular RPM range and disregard valve train clatter and power band width. The designers at VThunder® pay particular attention to ramp design to keep our cams as quiet as possible and lobe design to maintain as wide a power band as possible. VThunder® cams are made from 6150 aircraft quality steel for ultimate durability and resistance to premature cam failure from metalfatigue. We heat treat our cams to provide a case depth that allows for long term use under extreme loads. With the aid of computer controlled machining centers, VThunder® cams are held to extremely precise tolerances.

Gross Valve Lift Lobe Lift Duration @.053 Valve Timing Open/Close Lobe Center Line Lobe Separation Base Circle Radius Tappet Lift @TDC Valve Lift @TDC
IN. EX. IN. EX. IN. EX. IN. EX. IN. EX.     IN. EX. IN. EX.
.550 .550 .385 .385 260 270 24/56 61/29 106 106 106 .470" .128" .145" .182" .207"