Single Outer Valve Springs: 1.320" O.D., 0.920" I.D.

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Part# 26975-16 Includes 16 Springs

COMP Cams­® 26975 springs provide increased control and durability for GM crate circle track applications as well as a variety of Small Block Chevy/Small Block Ford engines. They are designed as a performance upgrade over stock springs for higher RPM applications. Made from a high-tensile strength chrome silicon steel, the #26975 Valve Springs feature a much higher life expectancy than tool steel springs. State-of-the-art grinding and finishing processes, along with added micro peening, also increase durability. In addition to street use, these springs are also a perfect choice for GM 604 crate engines running in stock or modified circle track divisions.

Spring Info.

Max Lift: 0.62
Installed Height: 1.78
Coil Bind Height: 1.1
O.D. of Outer: 1.32
I.D. of Outer: 0.92
Spring Style: Single
Spring Rate: 356
Seat Pressure: 103
Damper: No
Component Part Number
Spring Cup (O.D. Locator): 4709-16
Titanium Retainers: 779-16
Tool Steel Retainers: 1777-16  /   1779-16