Sportsman Stainless Steel Valves; Intake 2.250 x 11/32 +.250 Long (Set of 8)

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COMP Cams® Sportsman Stainless Steel Valves are available in a variety of diameters and stem lengths for street/competition engines. Made from 21-4N forged high-strength steel alloy with 50 HRc minimum hard tips (eliminates the need for a lash cap), these valves are state-of-the-art, delivering tremendous performance and durability. Recommended for all hydraulic, mechanical and roller lifter applications, these valves feature hard chrome-plated 11/32-inch stems with proprietary oil retention surfacing, not thin flash plating.

To increase flow without increasing the valve diameter, high flow underhead fillet relief was designed in. In addition, the swirl-polished fillets generate a higher flow rate with reduced radial crack propagation, increasing their resistance to failure.

• Variety of diameters & stem lengths for street/competition engines – affordable!
• Made from 21-4N forged high strength steel alloy for performance & durability• Recommended for all hydraulic, mechanical and roller lifter valve trains • Chrome plated stem and hardened tip don’t require lash cap• Spiral polished & high flow underhead machining for maximum flow